The eyelash extension is about 3-6 weeks. Your own lashes are replaced within a period of 2 months and new ones have grown. This is something
you usually do not think about your natural lashes, but constantly change your own to new lashes. During that period there will be small “gaps”
where you lost loose lashes, so the lashes need to be replenished every 3-4: the week to keep in good and good shape.


Gentle Frenchman
We use LashLover’s french glue. There are several different types of glue and fringe techniques choose the right glue just for your lashes. We also have medical

No Panic glue for sensitive eyes. It does not contain any ethyl or ethyl2-cyanoacrylate, which is the most allergic agent in French mucus.
Allergy tests should be done before eyelash extension if you have sensitive eyes.


Single Lashes
The lashes are attached to one of your own slightly shorter lashes which gives a longer and denser look. This type of eyelash extension is it
which looks most natural, you can not at all see that you have extension and you can look naturally good looking.

We usually mix the length of the lashes in two or three different lengths to give a nice result. We always attach as many fringes as we get
place with your eyes, depending on how your own lashes look, all in order for it to be as full and neat as long as possible.

The eyelash extension takes about 1.5-2 hours. We use the single method when we glue fringe for fringe with a synthetic fringe. We set
about 90-120 straws per eye (it depends a little on how many lashes you have of course). You lie and close your eyes throughout the treatment.


Volume Lashes
Volume lashes are the latest technology in lash extensions! The method is also called 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D.
This treatment is suitable for those who want a real Hollywood look or who want more and fuller lashes.
If you choose 3D volume it means you get 3 giant barrels and light fringes on one of your natural ones.
New set of lashes takes about 2-2.5 hours to do, but it’s worth it. The method is as gentle as usual
single lashes if not gentler when using much thinner lashes. The weight of the lashes becomes lighter than single lashes.


How long do the lashes last?
The fringes stay fine depending on if you take good care of them and be careful. After 3-4 weeks you have to come and
replenish with new lashes as you naturally lose your own. The French have a life cycle of about 2-3 months.

Before you think about this:
Remove lenses
Remove all makeup
If you want to color lashes then you have to do it before.

Can I remove lashes?
We have a special remover for this and it takes about 20 minutes to remove the lashes.
Do not try to remove the lashes yourself as you may lose your own lashes.

Permanent eyelash bending
Permanent deflection of the eyelashes gives a lasting, natural result for up to 4-8 weeks.
The deflection “opens up” and frames the eye which can make them look both bigger and more intense.
Bet on permanently curved fringes so you don’t have to use benders. The treatment works on both short and long fringes.


Price list
Eyelash extension 115 € Maintenance treatment 75 €
Volyme extension 115 € Maintenance treatment 79 €
Volyme eyelash extension and a maintenance treatment 179 €  


Eyes and lashes


Eyelash Permanent Bending Permanent Dyes 80 min 78 €
Eyelid tinting and shaping (18 € during treatment) 30 min 23 €
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting / styling (28 € with treatment) 45 min 38 €
Eyelash or eyebrow in conjunction with other treatment  13 €