Nail Treatment / Gel Varnish


We use the fourth generation gel nail polish Cuccio Veneer.


100% nail polish
The stabilized component does not evaporate, does not yellow during use. Longer strength and better comfort.


Stays for as long as you want. Cuccio Veneer Color Gellack will last for a long time until you want to remove it.


TRIPLE pigmentation
Three-color pigmentation guarantees complete coverage for two layers, even in black. The two layers are sufficient. Gentle to the nails! Does not dry out the skin or the surface of the nail. Does not crack. Cuccio Veneer gel lacquer provides high gloss coating to prevent micro-cracking that causes bleaching and peeling of the lacquer.




New Gel lacquer 60 €

Gel polish with removal / short time / easy 55 €

Gel polish with removal / long time / demanding 70 €

Gel polish with French manicure 75 €

Removal of gel paint 35 €