Eyes and lip contour treatment, in conjunction with other facial treatment 20 min / 30 €

As a separate treatment 30min / 39 €

Fast-acting treatment that refreshes tired eyes and moisturizes lips. Smoothes fine lines and improves microcirculation of the skin around the eyes and lips.

Can be combined with all facial treatments.


Detox 45 min / 79 €, 60 min / 99 €

Deep cleansing treatment that gives skin vitality and luster. Porn cleaning if needed (+ 20 €)

Good treatment to start with or as a preparatory treatment before other series treatments.


Urban life – Pure Detox 30min / 65 €

Anti-pollution treatment for unclean or oily skin.


Urban life – Hydra Detox 30min / 65 €

Anti-pollution treatment for dry skin.


Urban life – Lift Detox 30min / 65 €

Anti pollution treatment for mature skin.


Moisturizing 60 min / 90 €

A facial specially adapted for dry and moisturized skin. The treatment helps the skin to absorb moisture by strengthening the skin’s protective barrier and promotes natural moisturizing.


Purifying 60 min / 90 €, with mechanical cleaning 75 min / 110 €

Treatment for unclean skin. Balances skin functions, suppresses sebum production, reduces pores,

reduces inflammation, smoothes the skin and reduces impurities in the skin. Mechanical cleaning if necessary.
Contains soothing lymphatic massage.


Sensitive 60 min / 90 €

Soothing treatment for sensitive and couperose skin. The treatment strengthens the skin’s surface layer, which acts as a shield against external factors. Contains lymphatic massage which promotes the removal of fluids and waste products in the body and soothes the skin by activating parasympathetic nervous system.

Recommended as serial treatment.


Perfection ABC 30 min / 99 €, serial treatment x 3/275 € – OUTBOUND TREATMENT! Question for treatment + product offer!

Regenerative and firming Antioxidant treatment for mature skin. Immediate results.

Enhances the skin’s protective barrier and stimulates skin renewal using astaxanthin – a strong antioxidant, biotin – vitamin B7 and vitamin C.


Resurface 2- facial treatments

Resurface 2 is an innovative and effective professional facial treatment that gives visible results without unpleasant side effects or inflammatory processes. The treatment reduces visible wrinkles, acne scars and impurities in the skin without disturbing the skin’s own balance.


Resurface 2 – freshUp 35 min / 75 €

Basic treatment / first treatment in the serial treatment: helps to balance the skin and makes the skin ready to receive stronger peels.

Ideal for a customer who has uneven color, skin surface or pigmentation in the skin.


Resurface 2 – proAge 35 min / 80 €

Special anti-aging treatment. Ideal for a customer who has clear age signs in the skin.


Resurface 2 – skinRefine 35 min / 80 €

Special treatment for irregularities in skin color or skin surface, for acne scars, etc.


Series Treatment:

4 treatments 300 €

6 treatments 425 €


Icon Time 1 55 min / 95 €

Helps skin maintain normal functions and protects skin from side effects that come from outside and prevents micro-inflammation of the skin.


Icon time 2 60 min / 125 €

Protects skin structure and corrects age signs in the skin. Smoothes skin texture and tightens skin.


Icon Time 3 65 min / 145 €

Activates and renews tired skin and makes the skin firmer by maintaining the normal functions of the skin.

Ideal for customers over 50 years and for clients who have hormonal changes that make the skin dry and limp.


Lifting 60 min / 125 €

Intensive anti-age treatment which with the help of collagen Lift peptide helps the skin regain its elasticity and elasticity. Contains a special uplifting Lift up massage that instantly makes the skin smoother and lifts the facial features. Also improves skin’s oxygen uptake and lymph circulation.


Skin Code 60 min / 129 €

A new personalized way to analyze thoroughly different skin areas and their problems and tailor treatment for each customer. Treatment protocols are based on carefully selected products and active ingredients.


WhiteLight 75 min / 135 €

Treatment smoothes pigmentation or discoloration of the skin, giving new luster and clarity to the skin. Also helps with fine lines.


Youth Venom 75 min / 159 €

In the treatment, Conotoxin III-Conus worm is produced strong poison – which relaxes the mimic muscles that cause wrinkles on the face. Contains special relaxing massage with hot stones. The skin immediately becomes firmer and smoother.