Botox is used for wrinkles in the forehead and crow’s feet, for eyebrow lifting, lifting mouth pipes and lips, smoothing out wrinkles.


Botox can be used in heavy arm sweat (hyperhidrosis) and tooth bracing (bruxism).


Azzalure® is a muscle relaxant that smooths wrinkles for a long time and smoothes the skin. The drug affects the facial muscles by blocking nerve impulses in the treated area. The results of the treatment will be approximately 2-5 days after the injection. The effect is always limited in time and usually lasts about 3-6 months. The treatment can be combined with other treatments (Restylane or Mesotherapy) to maximize the end result.


Minor side effects may occur such as redness at the injection site, bruising or mild headache the days after treatment.



From                280 €

One area         350 €

Two areas       390 €

Three areas    420 €


(An area includes, for example, boiler, glabella, crows)


Tooth grinding 500 €

The price includes nurse / doctor’s visit and VAT (24%)