Used to improve skin quality, reduce wrinkles and provide a lifting effect.

Meso threads consist of a needle with a thread inside that can be attached under the skin and with a number of threads, a net is built up under the skin that supports the tissues. Around these threads, new collagen is formed which creates body threads that hold everything in place even when the meso threads disappear. The meso threads remain for 6 months. The effect is visible immediately after treatment and the end result can be seen after 2 months and lasts about 2 years. However, treatment can be repeated after 6 months in the same area. Used mainly on face but can also be used on neck and decolletage

Side effects

Minor bruises are common, so we recommend that you leave a few days after the procedure. To reduce these risks, you should not eat blood thinners, nor anti-inflammatory drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid (Thrombyl, Magnecyl and the like), NSAIDs (Ipren, Pronaxen, etc.) or Omega 3. The duration of these medications should be about 10 days. before treatment. Some inflammation may come with treatment but it is transient.

No sauna, no red wine or beer in 2 months.

We recommend that you treat your skin with a moisturizing ointment such as Restylane day or night or moisturizing diego dalla palma 24-h to prevent the skin from drying out. (50 € / piece for this treatment).


Lower 3rd part of face from 350 €
Neck from                                300 €
Eyebrow lift from                   250 €