We operate groin hernia and umbilical hernia in local anesthesia.


Inguinal hernia:
The operation takes about 60 minutes and is done via incision in the groin. The hernia is removed and the weakness of the groin duct is reinforced with a net. The wounds are sewn under the skin surface and the stitches disappear by themselves. The method with nets has proven to be a very safe method, little risk of the hernia coming back and in addition it can very early return to normal activity, usually already after a week. The recurrence risk is about 1%.

At the Sf-cliniken, the operation is done under local anesthesia and you can go home after a couple of hours.


All operations involve a certain risk of complications. Bluish discoloration of the penis and scrotum is common and meaningless, disappears within a couple of weeks. If you want to know more about the risk of complications in your case, ask the surgeon.


Umbilical hernia:

The operation takes about 45 minutes. Sometimes the operation is strengthened with a net to reduce the risk of the hernia coming back. You can usually return to normal activity within a week.


Wound pain occurs after surgery. You get painkillers for three days of home consumption. Alvedon or similar should be in the home for further treatment. Pain that increases after a few days may be due to blood flow or infection and should cause contact with a doctor.


There is usually no need for a return visit.


Sick leave
You get yourself sick leave during the first week after surgery, usually no longer need sick leave.

We recommend that you take it easy during the first week after the operation, ie you can walk and move as usual, but do not exercise or heavy lifting. After 1 week you can do everything that does not hurt.