Hemorrhoids (Piles)


Can be compared to varicose veins. There is normally a widespread veingrid on the inside of the anus. Some of these veins can expand due to increased pressure in the vein. Depending on where these hemorrhoids appears they are divided into internal and external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not dangerous but can be painful, bleed and sometimes cause anal leakage.



An investigation if the rectum should always be done as hemorrhoids could be caused by rectal cancer. The investigation is called rectoscopy, where the rectum is inspected through a ”tube”



First choice of treatment is ointment that can be bought over the counter at pharmacies. Internal hemrrhoids can be sclerosed or be treated with banding ligatures. External hemorrhoids can be surgically removed under local anasthetics.



Treating the area with soapbath daily is a well established method that reduces swelling in the area. Small amount of bleeding may occur. The pain after surgery is often negligable, but can sometimes be stronger while healing.