Plastic- and general surgery


We perform a variety of surgeries, both under local anesthesia and under anesthesia. We also provide quick and easy access to the surgeon’s office and get the medical certificates you need.


 Pertruding ears

Scar repair


Hemorrhoids/ Piles

Varicose veins

 Mail sterilization



And more….



Plastic surgeon Inger Mossberg goes about once a month / two months to perform procedures that require a plastic surgeon’s qualification. He has a solid professional background and long experience as a leading plastic surgeon at Umeå University Hospital.


Ulf Hyvönen, a specialist in general surgery, has been working at Kalix Hospital since 1982 and has, among others. has been developing the development of hernia surgery in Norrbotten. He is the clinic’s responsible physician and performs general surgery at Sf-cliniken.


It is very important for us to inform the client what the outcome of surgery can be. This way, we will not take action where the risk to the customer is too high or the result expectations are unrealistic.


Appointment times for the surgeon easily, quickly and easily.


During the consultation, the necessary investigations will be carried out and you will receive the necessary information on the operation, related issues and price information.

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