Lymphatic therapy


Lymphatic therapy is a specialty performed by certified physiotherapists and used to treat swelling due to various reasons. Manual lymph therapy is a light pump massage that activates the lymphatic flow and stimulates the formation of new lymphatic pathways. The treatment includes vb compression bandage as well as movement and skin treatment.


Lymphatic therapy reduces swelling, stimulates metabolism, relieves pain, improves the body’s immune system and stimulates the body and mind to relax. Lymphatic therapy can be treated for a number of diseases (including sequelae after cancer surgery, rheumatoid arthritis, rose, leg ulcer) and it also serves as a preventive treatment method. The length of treatment and therapy is determined individually.


Lymphatic therapy can be obtained through a referral from a doctor or without.


The KPA replaces part of the treatment if the swelling of the lymphatic system occurs due to failure in surgery, chronic infection, major surgery or cancer surgery.


Swedish FK replace the cost after referral from a doctor.




30 min 45 €
45 min 55€
60 min 65 €
90 min 95 €



Lymphatic System