Classic massage


The purpose of massage is to improve body functions by reducing muscle tension, increasing elasticity and joint mobility, removing waste products and being relaxing. Massage has a major impact on both physical and mental well-being. You get an individually tailored treatment, we choose the treatment method and technology for your needs and wishes. During the treatment you will be told how you experience the treatment so that you can adapt the strength and technology especially for your needs.

The benefits of classic massage
• Relief of stress and headaches
• Prevents tension
• Relaxing for body and soul
• Increases the body’s metabolism
• Improving muscle elasticity and reducing muscle tension
• Increases blood flow
• Reduces healing time after muscle loss
• Removes waste products
• Reduces pain
• Increases lymph circulation
• Increases mobility
• Increases skin’s flexibility and elasticity
• Reduction of scarring in the healing process of injuries
• Improvement of sleep patterns

At the first visit, you must state your health condition:

The masseur needs to know your illnesses and medications.

If necessary, we consult either our physiotherapist or physician.

Regular massage makes it possible to prevent the movement of the organs, and they can be treated in time.


Classic massage  
Enough for a small problem eg neck, shoulders or arms 30 min  35 €
E.g. back / neck and shoulders or hands / neck and shoulders 45 min 45 €
E.g. Back legs / buttocks / back or back / neck and shoulders + hands 60 min 55 €
Full body massage + thermal clay or additional massage of more difficult area legs / buttocks / back / neck and shoulders 90 min 80 €
Classic massage with essential oils  +10 €