Restylane is used to smooth out wrinkles, shape facial contours, make fuller lips and renew skin. The treatments are tailored to your needs, and the results are immediately visible. Restylane is a natural beauty product that does not affect facial expressions or mimicry. More than 28 million Restylane treatments have been given worldwide. It is a crystal clear gel that is injected under the skin in small amounts to restore the volume and structure of the skin. It consists of hyaluronic acid, which is similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid. However, hyaluronic acid in Restylane is not from animals, so the risk of allergic or hypersensitivity reactions is very small.


The benefits of Restylane in beauty treatment; Restylane treatment is long-lasting, without being permanent, which gives the freedom to decide for self-renewal treatment. Without renewed treatment, the appearance that existed before the first treatment is regained.


The result of a treatment with Restylane usually lasts 6-12 months and a renewed treatment has been found to last up to 18 months. For lips, new treatment is generally required within six months.


Restylane Skinboosters is a moisturizing treatment that works in depth. This treatment is performed in series of three times within 2-4 weeks. Thereafter, treatment is recommended every six months. The most common treatment area is on the face, but also hands, neck and decolletage are treated with good results. Scars can also be treated. Restylane skinboosters can also be a refreshing treatment for lips, without a significant change in the volume of the lips. Many beauty products improve the surface of your skin, but Restylane skinboosters improve its quality from the inside. Restylane beauty products have also been shown in clinical trials to provide good efficacy with high safety.


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Restylane ennen ja jälkeen
Restylane ennen ja jälkeen
Restylane ennen ja jälkeen


Restylane Fynesse 1 ml 375 €
Restylane Refyne 1 ml 390 €
  1/2 ml 295 €
Restylane 1 ml 390 €
Restylane Defyne 1 ml 395 €
Restylane Lyft 1 ml 395 €
Lipp Refresh 1 ml 395 €
Restylane Kysse 1 ml 395 €
Restylane Lyps 1 ml 395 €
Restylane Volume 1 ml 400 €



Vital 1 ml 320 €
within 3 months 3×1 ml 860 €
Vital Light 1 ml 300 €
within 3 months 3×1 ml 800 €



If Restylane is applied 2 ml at a time, a reduction of the total price -10%, 3 ml -15%.

The price includes the nursing fee and VAT (24%).

See below for the different uses and differences of Restylane products.