Body treatments / Spa treatments
Body Bioenergy body treatments:


based on PNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrinoImmunology), the body’s aesthetic psychology.


Detox 50min / 95 €

Cleaning treatment. Especially for those who suffer from swelling in the body or legs. Suitable for pregnant women too.

cellDren 70min / 130 €

Liquid removal treatment. Enables microcirculation and lymphatic circulation.


cellSlim 70min / 125 €

Increases metabolism and affects grade 2 cellulite.


cellReshape 70min / 130 €

Shock treatment for severe cellulite. Smoothes the skin in the body. Also affects grade 3 cellulite and adipose tissue.


total body FOCUS 70min / 125 €

Works commonly in adipose tissue, cellulite and soft skin.


Body – body treatments 70 min / 125 €


• 3 different options as needed

• Contains scrubs / peels, intensive wool / binding and mask and spa massage


Intensive treatment against cellulite. Active ingredient Hexapeptide-39 stimulates microcirculation, helps to remove fluid and toxins in the body and prevents the formation of new fat cells. The skin tightens and “orange skin” softens.


Treatment that fights against local fat intake and shapes the body.


Treatment that struggles against the skin’s loss of elasticity and the aging of the skin. In-tense – Complex – an active ingredient – extends the skin’s supportive tissue and restores elasticity, softness and firmness of the skin.



Spa treatments for the body 75 min / 125 €

• Wellnes treatment that nourishes the body and the soul. Includes exfoliation and spa massage.

• Two different options to choose from:

Occident = Energetic and enlightening treatment. Scent of amber.

Orient = Relaxing treatment that gives the body extreme comfort and perfect relaxation.



Hot stones massage 75 min / 90 €

Massage with hot basalt stones. Heat and massage together make for a very relaxing effect.



Mindfulness massage 90 min / 95 €

Very comprehensive full body relaxation (from top to toe) with reflexology foot massage.



Spa treatment 60 min / 69 €

Spa foot treatment with foot bath, mini pedicure, scrub, mask and massage.

Treatment Options: Soothing Lavender, Relaxing Chocolate, Refreshing Peppermint



Indian head massage 45 min / 55 €