Hair removal with IPL


IPL treatment means that the hair is exposed to pulsed light. Melanin-containing hairs absorb light and convert light into energy (= heat) that causes the hair follicle to stop producing.


Price list

Upper lip 58 €
Around the mouth 70 €
Armpits 70 €
Bikini 70 €
Brazilian 100 €



Hair removal with wax


Waxing is a traditional way to remove hairs that spread. It is an effective and gentle hair removal method for many parts of the body even in sensitive skin areas. Thanks to its excellent adhesion, the wax can remove hairs up to 5 mm long. It is often a faster method of hair removal when treating large areas of skin than sugars. With waxing, the skin stays supple for several weeks. We recommend a removal period of 4-5 weeks. With regular hair removal, the quality and growth of the hair decreases. The hair grows more discreet and softer. With waxing we can remove hairs that are at least 5 mm long.

Care instructions after depilation

Exfoliating and moisturizing the skin helps prevent blockages that can lead to hair growth inward. Exfoliate and moisturize the skin between treatments, your skin will be much more beautiful and healthier in color, and hair loss problems will be alleviated after 3-6 treatments. NOTE! Do not exfoliate the day before depilation, the day of depilation or the day after to avoid skin sensitization! If you have hair removed: Avoid cosmetics that block pores and gently protect your skin from the sun. NOTE! Do not use deodorant 12 hours after depilation of armpits.


 Hair removal with sugar


Sweetening is an antibacterial and antiseptic hair removal method that gently removes dead skin cells beyond the hair. Sweetening can be done safely throughout the body, including the most sensitive areas. The result is hairless, silky and soft skin … In skilled hands, sugar work is much more than just hair removal and offers many benefits over traditional waxing.


The history of sugar

Already under Cleopatra, a sugar pulp was manufactured and used for hair removal. The skill has gone from one generation to the next and is still used in the same way in the Middle East. Sugar has traditionally been used in North Africa and the Far East.


Natural from nature

Sugar paste is made from 100% natural ingredients and has not been developed with animal testing. It contains no additives or chemicals. It is not toxic and not allergenic. It is so natural that you can even eat it. Sugar paste consists of water, glucose, gum arabic and lemon juice. When treating with sugar paste, it is important that the sugar reaches the skin’s pores and removes even the shortest hairs. In this way, hair removal causes significantly less irritation, pain and hair breakage than the traditional hair removal or epilation technique. It is with this correct technique that dead skin cells can also be removed from the skin, resulting in healthy, smooth, sugar-free, hairless skin. Sweetening is suitable for all skin types and hair.


The benefits of sugar

Sugar is a natural product and contains no allergenic substances. When sucking, the hairs are removed in the growth direction. The hair is not broken and the mantle is not easily inflamed. The skin remains hairless for an extended period as the hair growth slows down. Sugar can remove hair up to 2 mm long. Sugar does not break the skin and does not remove living skin cells, so hair removal in the intimate area is less painful.


Be aware of this when you start sugar treatment

Do not damage the skin the day before, the day of treatment and the day after treatment.


After treatment

If your skin turns red and feels hot and / or itchy immediately after treatment, it is due to increased circulation in the treated area. Not everyone will have such a reaction, or it may come after a while. Such reactions are normal as long as the redness disappears within a few hours. Avoid heat (hot bath, solarium, sunbath or sauna). Do not scrub or rub the skin after treatment. Avoid hard clothing and vigorous exercise immediately after treatment.


Ingrown hair

Dead skin cells can clog the hair follicle’s mouth and sometimes prevent the appearance of new hair. This can cause your skin to itch and you may get pimples. Dry skin is more prone to such reactions.


Hair removal with wax / sugar


Upper lip 20 €
Armpits 30 €
Face 45 €
Bikini line 45 €
Lower leg or thigh 45 €
Lower leg and thighs 75 €
Brazilian 95 €