Micro needling is becoming more and more popular as a treatment method for a variety of skin problems. Simply described, Dermapen ™ causes controlled skin damage with the help of needles. As a natural reaction, the body wants to repair the damage. Growth factors are released and the skin begins to produce new collagen. New capillaries are also formed in the skin. The result is a rejuvenation of the skin and an improvement of the skin’s structure and condition. The new production of growth factors and natural elastic components can be compared to the effect of, for example, fractional laser, but Dermapen ™ has much less side effects and a shorter recovery time. A Dermapen ™ treatment can also be performed on all skin types / skin colors.


Price list

Treatment of face 195 €
Treatment of face and neck 240 €
Treatment of face, neck and decolletage 275 €
Treatment with specialty products 
Treatment of face 225 €
Treatment of face and neck 275 €
Treatment of face, neck and decolletage  310 €