Dermapen cryo

Dermapen Cryo


Dermapen Cryo ™ is an effective freezing treatment that in a few seconds removes various benign
skin lesions
The treatment is safe, fast, effective and almost painless. The treatment has few side effects.
It also means that skin changes in the face and area around the eyes can be treated safely.

You can treat most skin changes eg
seborrheic keratoses (age changes)
skin tags
fibromy (connective tissue nodules)
cherry angioma (red birthmarks)


After the treatment


Sometimes a water bubble can form, it usually disappears within a few hours or a maximum of two days.
Sometimes a wound crust is formed that can stay up to 10 days.
There are no other restrictions afterwards besides protecting the area from the sun.

We recommend using Ultimate Recovery Cream from Medik8 after treatment.